Jan 10, 2007

Jan 31, 2005 why does my dial up connection keep coming up now i am on Jan 15, 2007 How to connect Dialup Connection Automaticall without any Nov 27, 2016

I presume you want to not set "Never dial a connection" because then you can dial up the internet. Perhaps the answer lies in a combination of Mikhael's and my answer: in IE5 connections tab, set Dial whenever a network connection is not present, but also in DUN connections, set Don't prompt to use dial up …

Nov 30, 2008 How do I stop "dial up connection" box from popping up? I

Dial-Up Random Disconnects - EarthLink

Dec 19, 2011 Dialup connection refuses to stop popping up. Solutions Also of interest: although all 3 troublesome computers are in the same department, there are 3 different dialup connection popping up (a different one on each computer). The are AT&T global dialler, TMHP, and some direct ftp diallup connection created with Windows' connection setup. Dial-Up Random Disconnects - EarthLink Jun 12, 2017