The tun/tap interface must already exist, be up and configured with an IP address, and owned by the user who runs simpletun. That user must also have read/write permission on /dev/net/tun. (Alternatively, you can run the program as root, and configure the transient interfaces manually before starting to …

A VPN Host-to-LAN Gateway by using OpenVPN - Zeroshell The purpose of this document is to describe how to configure an OpenVPN Gateway for the Host-to-LAN Virtual Private Network. The sections in which the how-to is divided are the followings: Why using OpenVPN as VPN Gateway Default configuration for VPN Host-to-LAN with OpenVPN OpenVPN authentication with Username and Password OpenVPN authentication with X.509 digital […] Architectural details of Android VPN service : How tun0 Creating tun needs ioctl TUNSETIFF be sent to kernel over /dev/net/tun character device (it's /dev/tun on Android). Manually you can do: ~# ip tuntap add dev tun0 mode tun Android's VPN service uses binder to call native code for tun creation. RESOURCES: Android Architecture; How AOSP created tun … Connect to Your Home Network From Anywhere with OpenVPN

Jul 25, 2020

GitHub - gregnietsky/simpletun: Example program for tap

Connect to Your Home Network From Anywhere with OpenVPN

How To Guide: Set Up & Configure OpenVPN client/server VPN It will create a VPN using a virtual TUN network interface (for routing), will listen for client connections on UDP port 1194 (OpenVPN’s official port number), and distribute virtual addresses to connecting clients from the subnet. AnonyTun for Android - APK Download Jul 18, 2020