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The Internet Has Made It Harder To Hide Christmas Presents Dec 30, 2014 7 Best Places to Hide Your Kid’s Christmas Gifts Garage. The garage is the perfect place to hide the gift, as long as the children unable to access … How to (Successfully) Hide a Gift! : 7 Steps (with Prep the Gift. First you need to choose the gift you're going to hide . I highly recommend wrapping … 10 Ways to Hide Christmas Presents From the Kids - Nerdy Mamma

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14 Foolproof Places to Hide Christmas Gifts In the boot of the car. This one isn’t an option for SUVs or hatchbacks. If you have a car with a boot … Where to hide Xmas gifts - 5 foolproof places to hide A survey, conducted by Space Station, has revealed the best and most popular hiding places for presents in the lead up to Christmas. Interestingly, the poll revealed that the most popular hiding How to Hide Big (and Small) Christmas Presents from Clever Avoid obvious hiding spots to hide Christmas presents. To outwit clever children, you need to be original. Whether looking where parents hide big Christmas gifts or small ones, a quick Google search could tell any kid the best places to look for gifts. That is: in a closet, under a bed, or in a garden shed. 14 Crazy-Creative Places Parents Hide Their Kids' Presents