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Block someone on their YouTube channel 1. Open the YouTube channel 2. Switch to the About tab 3. Click the Flag icon 4. Select Block User 5. Confirm you want to block the user by clicking the blue Submit button You can unblock someone the same way, by clicking the flag on their channel. Block someone who commented on your video or channel 1. You can now block specific YouTube subscribers. Here's how You can now block specific YouTube subscribers. Here's how! by Casey Markee. You can now block specific YouTube subscribers. Here's how! W e have several subscribers to our channels on YouTube that leave inappropriate comments and do so on a regular basis. We scrub the comments but they come back and leave them again. How to block someone from seeing your youtube videos Apr 01, 2011

You can block a use from posting comments on your videos, commenting on your channel, or messaging you personally through YouTube. You cannot block someone from watching your YouTube videos

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You can use these sections to block any of the above options including pages and apps. Enter the name or email of the person you want to block in the block users section. A list of all the profiles of the same name will open, block your particular profile by clicking on the block icon at the right side of the name. How to block someone on iMessage (iPhone, Mac and iPad) Block on Facetime. In Facetime, find the contact or phone number you want to block and tap beside it. From this pop up menu, scroll to the bottom and choose the “block this caller” option. Block From Messages. You must open the conversation with a contact that you wish to block this way. Unfriending or Blocking Someone | Facebook Help Center In the Block users section, you’ll see a list of people you’ve blocked on Facebook. From here, you can: Unblock someone. Click Unblock next to the name of the person you’d like to unblock. Learn more about unblocking on Facebook. Block someone. Enter the name of the person you’d like to block, then click Block > Block [name] to confirm.