Nov 12, 2018

Yup, this is the easiest way to create two separate networks. There is no need for more than one IP address from Verizon as long each router runs in NAT mode. NAT mode will also keep each network completely separate - no sharing of resources will occur between them. Double NAT is not a problem in most cases. Have Fun [Solved] Multiple Private Networks, One Modem On one site it said to set the WAN port IP as I described in the image, but one site said nothing about setting a WAN port IP on the two extra routers? If the WAN port was set to DHCP, would it automatically grab an IP from the previous router or is it best to provide a static one, … Two Networks on One Computer? - Computing.Net

Thus, when you connect to the WiFi, your mobile phone, tablet, computer, and other devices will recognize the two networks. Through that, you can choose what network to use and set up on your device. The good thing is that there are simultaneous dual-band routers that will allow you to create one SSID for the two networks.

Oct 12, 2013 Can I create 2 Wireless Networks off of a FIOS Router?

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Two broadcast domains are connected via fa0/22 ('no switchport' on this port). I would like to have one single network instead of having as well. Any ways to do that. I don't wanna route two networks, instead I would like to use one network. Solved: 2 subnets with one FIOS router - Verizon Fios I am using the FIOS router for home and sometimes need to test certain situations for my work. I have set up a virtual lab that uses the 192.188.1.x subnet from the router. I have also set up a second virtual network that uses the 192.168.2.x subnet and have the two networks routed (virtually) between them. Create two networks on one router help! - Jun 23, 2015 Configuring Multiple Networks on Cradlepoint router