The purpose of this Alliance is to perpetuate the Alliance of Apostolic Churches of Christ Jesus, to teach the doctrines and beliefs of the Apostolic Faith and to own, establish and maintain churches, institution or any facility for the purpose of promoting the growth of the AACCJ. ARTICLE 2 - …

Church of the Sacred Heart, Hayes Center (24 km ↗) Church of St. Joseph, Stratton (24 km ↙) Church of St. Ann, McCook (31 km →) Church of St. Patrick, McCook (44 km →) Church of St. John Nepomucene, Beardsley, Kansas (49 km ↓) Church of St. Patrick, Imperial (49 km ↖) Church of St. Joseph, Benkelman (49 km ↙) Church of St. Mary About Jonathan David - Dr Jonathan David In 1991, the ISAAC alliance was then called ANPCM (Apostolic Network of Prophetic Churches and Ministries). God was already updating and upgrading him to the next level and spiritual stature. The apostolic call, mission, and mandate became evident as the glocal church, All Nations Sanctuary, and many other churches came under his apostolic Pay Membership Dues – Global Apostolic Alliance Global Apostolic Alliance is an International Apostolic Network of Ministers, Ministries and Churches working together to extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world. United Pentecostal Church International - Wikipedia

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International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

May 12, 2017

Alliance of Apostolic Churches and Ministries is formed comprising of Churches and Ministries and Kingdom ministers; each church and ministry being registered autonomously, and willingly relating with one another in Biblical unity, fellowship, shared vision and values, while the churches are self-governing, self-propagating and self-supporting. International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL) invites you to browse our website to learn more about our family of connected apostolic leaders who are developing leaders and advancing the Kingdom of … Apostolic Movement International