Jul 21, 2018

Channel Modes - freenode Channel Modes. Various modes can be set on channels. Use /mode #channel to list current channel modes and /msg chanserv info #channel to list modes set with MLOCK.. All channel modes will be lost when a channel becomes empty. Enable GUARD to preserve modes. IRC User Guide - TripSit wiki IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. Messages are sent to a server and then relayed to individual people who connect. This is a fancy way of saying it's a bunch of chat rooms and other means of communication. Users who chat on IRC connect to chat servers usually using the format "irc.website.com". IceChat IRC Client :: IRC Client Extra-Ordinaire :: The

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4.2 Presence on a Channel. Fundamental to the operation of irc is the concept of a channel. All users are `on a channel' while inside irc. One enters the `null channel' first. One cannot send any messages while not in any chatting channel unless one has set up a private conversation in some way.

click join a chat and add the channel, ie. #wikipedia-en-help; Trillian. Go to the "Manage Accounts" screen; Press "Add New Account" Choose IRC from the list; Fill in the details for: Account Name ( What you'd like to call the connection ) Nickname ( What you'd like users to see as your "name" ) Server Host ( Should be set to chat.freenode.net ) The DALnet IRC Network