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Oct 02, 2017 RSS could not be enabled on Intel 82599 under Linux 2.6.27 Hi, Has someone ever tried to install an intel 82599(driver version under Linux Intel 82599 driver's readme indicates that MultiQueue is always enabled, but we found it unable to be enabled even by "modprobe ixgbe MQ=1 RSS=1" Linux will claim the following msgs when the ix ch17.html - Florida State University Starting with kernel 2.6.6, the e100 driver (an earlier, more primitive chip than the e1000) had an option CONFIG_E100_NAPI to choose between interrupt-driven I/O and polling (a.k.a. "NAPI"), but by kernel 2.6.11 NAPI (hybrid of polling and interrupts) was the only option supported. NAPI netif_rx - LinuxQuestions.org Apr 21, 2009

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In linux-4.10, we enabled busy polling for unconnected UDP sockets, in some cases. We also changed napi_complete_done() to return a boolean as shown in Figure 1, allowing a driver to not rearm interrupts if busy polling is controlling NAPI logic. linux-4.11 changes In linux-4.11, we finally got rid of all ndo_busy_poll() im- Now for NAPI enabled Ethernet driver initially whenever packets comes at interface,it is notified to CPU and appropriate Ethernet driver code (Interrupt handler) is executed.Inside the interrupt handler code we check if type of interrupt is received packet. What it mean by disabling further interrupts? Oct 11, 2016 · The call to napi_schedule triggers the start of steps 5 - 8 in the previous diagram. As we’ll see, the NAPI softIRQ poll loop is started by simply flipping a bit in a bitfield and adding a structure to the poll_list for processing. No other work is done by napi_schedule and this is precisely how a driver defers processing to the softIRQ system.

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