Aug 18, 2019

So my wife likes the convenience of the hbo go app via our TE3 running bolt. We have the max app on Apple TV so it’s not a matter of access. It’s a matter of “staying on hdmi1” and using a consistent remote! So that means on this bolt I’m SOL, unless TiVo throws us a bone and actually adds the hbo max app to te3. Bummer. Jun 20, 2013 · Charter Communications has refused to authenticate HBO Go for Apple TV The refusal to authenticate can sometimes be traced to an affiliate not liking the business terms, or having an isolated Charter Spectrum → No HBO Go on the Apple TV for Charter. uniqs 4857: Share « [HSI] Intermittent connectivity problems • [HSI] 8 channel bonding in St. Charles County, MO HBO GO is included in my Apple TV menu. When selected it instructs me to visit the HBOGO.COM/Activate website and enter the code that appears on the Apple TV. The HBOGO activation site does not include my cable provider (Charter) on the list of cable providers so I cannot complete the task.

Jun 25, 2013

Similarly, if you get HBO via Apple TV channels, Hulu, Charter, or YouTube TV, you’ll start seeing Max content show up on your user interface starting Wednesday.

How To Order HBO: Now, Go, Max Subscription Options | HBO

May 27, 2020 DirecTV Authenticates HBO Go on Apple TV | Broadcasting+Cable Jun 20, 2013